Inmate Kiosk-High Impact

Our inmate kiosk is a rugged wall mounted design. The kiosk has a polycarbonate monitor cover which is high impact resistant. The cover also encapsulates the glass in the rare occurance that someone would manage to break the monitor underneath the cover. Another advantage of the monitor cover is in cleaning. Unlike a glass monitor which can only be cleaned with standard window cleaners, the cover allows you to use strong disinfectants employed to kill virus based diseases. The kiosk is compact, yet features a 19″ touch screen. The inmate kiosk is used by commissary companies in correctional settings to place inmate orders.  The kiosk can also be used to view legal documents. We will punch the conduit holes for multiple unit deployments if you supply us with the preferred location. Click Here for Correctional Kiosk Brochure

Component Specs:

Touch Screen Sizes:  19″
Kiosk Style: Wallmount Model
Screen Tilt: 0 Degrees
Height (Inches): 21″
Stock Color: Black Powder Coating
Capacity Size: Small
Door Style: Front
Opening Action: Right-To-Left


Small Form Factor Computer
Rugged Enclosure

UL 60950 Rated Monitor-Optional