CL Kiosk

The CL kiosk is a pedestal style kiosk enclosure. It's square tube rolled frame is attractive, simple, economical and available in multiple depths to accommodate many different component options.  The CL features a low height which creates clear sight lines to objects behind the kiosk. Lends itself to deployment in lobbies or in room interiors. The touch screens are closed frame (features a plastic bezel) available from 12″ –  22″ and is compliant with ADA reach standards.  The pedestal mount allows for viewing by multiple people simultaneously.  The monitor is tilted at a 35 degree angle. The enclosure is made of 14 gage CRS and coated with an industrial powder coat. The standard color is white.



Component Specs:

Touch Screen Sizes: 12″15″, 17″, and 19″
Kiosk Style: Upright Model
Screen Tilt: 35 Degrees
Height (Inches): 51″
Stock Color: White Powder Coating
Capacity Size: s/m
Door Style: Rear
Opening Action: Right-to-Left

Component Options:

Thermal Printer  / Cash or Coin Accepter /
Card Reader / Scanner / Fingerprint Reader
Check Scanner /Pin Pad / Keyboard
Graphics / Speakers /Camera
Proximity Sensor
Many other options available