Ticketing Kiosk Options

Ticketing kiosks can be deployed in different form factors and dispense tickets in different forms.

Kiosk thermal printers can print tickets on standard or preprinted stock. Preprinted stock allows you to use complicated designs and multiple colors on the ticket stock while still be able to print seat or date data while dispensing. Standard stock is cheaper and flexible, but you are limited with ticket appearance options.

Preprinted complete tickets can also be dispensed along with change using kiosk cash dispensers. The payment flexibility of this set up broadens ticketing kiosk applications.

Ticketing kiosk form factors include free standing, wall mount, and custom mounting. Custom mounting is the most expensive and requires modification of walls, building of booths, or special countertops. The custom mounts are preferred on very high volume applications that are continually used. A free standing kiosk allows you more options in placement and lower up-front costs. Many free standing ticketing kiosks can be moved to different venues as needed. Wall mount ticketing kiosks are the middle ground between custom mounting and free standing. Although they require permanent mounting, use of surface mounting is relatively inexpensive.

The best kiosk designs are collaborations between the end user and the kiosk manufacturer. Call to discuss your application to get the kiosk that meets your needs and budget.