Human Resource Kiosks

Human Resource Kiosk

Human Resource Kiosks can be deployed to serve many purposes.

The list of functions that can be performed include time/attendance clocking, on-line job function training, compliance training/testing, benefit updates, and filing insurance forms are just some of tasks that can be handled on a kiosk.

The benefit to a busy HR department is obvious. Intermittent interruptions to the normal workday are virtually eliminated. Forms that are filled out on line can’t be lost or misplaced. An accurate list of who has and hasn’t taken compliance training is readily available.

The kiosks also benefit an employee. Employees can often access their records by means of swiping a badge in a card reader or by use of touching an RFID enabled card. They can go straight to their records without needing to remember yet another password. Kiosks at work also serve to empower those employees who don’t have internet access at home.

Ideally kiosks are located in areas that are both convenient for the employee and offer some measure of privacy. The actual kiosk can be fitted with a privacy screen if a private location is not available.

Bruin Kiosk strives to build a custom solution for your individual application. We would be glad to discuss your application and design a Human Resource Kiosk that meets your needs. You can contact us via our website Below is a picture of a Human Resource Kiosk that is equipped with an RFID badge reader for deployment in a factory environment.

Human Resource Kiosk