Custom Designed or a Standard Kiosk?

Custom Designed or a Standard Kiosk?:

The kiosk enclosure you select for your product must be large enough to hold the components required to provide functionality and be safe.  After you have satisfied those two requirements, you then want to decide on the “look” of your kiosk.  Kiosk companies approach this part of the design process three different ways.

  1. One Look-Various Sizes -A simplistic version of design is to offer one style of kiosks. The kiosk may vary in size depending on the components or size of the touch screen, but all kiosks look the same. Companies that employ this strategy reduce their design costs. The negative side of this strategy is not all kiosks are used in the same style of locations.  A kiosk that is deployed in a prison should not look like a kiosk deployed in a casino. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder and the end customer may have a different opinion than yours of what is the best look for a particular application. Most kiosk companies employ the following strategy to combat this issue.
  2. Multiple Standard Designs-The use of multiple standard designs gives customers a chance to choose what type of kiosk they want to purchase. We don’t all drive the same car. We like to choose a car that appeals to us. Multiple designs allow the customer to choose what they like, yet take advantage of standard kiosk pricing structure.  What if you don’t find what you like in a standard list of kiosks or you want something that is unique to you?
  3. Custom Design-Custom design broadens the “choices”! I want a kiosk like my competitor, but I don’t want it to look like their kiosk or I like this model, but I want more screen privacy or I have an artist rendering of what I want my kiosk to look like…can you make this?  These are just some of many different reasons to go the custom route. The down side of the custom route is most companies charge exorbitant fees for custom designs and the lead time for the first product is almost always measured in months and not in weeks.

At Bruin Kiosk we offer multiple standard kiosks and we offer custom design. We don’t charge design fees for custom orders placed by repeat buyers or for large one time orders. Our design is done in house, and we try and minimize the long wait for custom orders. Please review our standard designs on our website and see if we have a style that fits your needs and taste. If not, give us a call and we can discuss a custom project for you.