Kiosk Cleaning-Coronavirus

Bruin Kiosk enclosures and most kiosk components can be cleaned with disinfectents used to combat coronavirus and most other types of viral infections. The one part of kiosks that can be damaged by some types of cleaners is the touchscreen monitor. Standard monitors are cleaned using window cleaner (non-amoninia) that is sprayed onto a cloth and then wiped onto the monitor surface. Direct spraying is discouraged by the manufacturer.

Bruin Kiosk offers an alternative to standard monitors that will allow you to clean the touch surface with disinfectants and create a more vandal resistant kiosk. We can install a polycarbonate cover and use a monitor that is designed to still react to your touch through the cover.

Give us a call if you want to upgrade your kiosk to protect your touch monitor from disinfecting chemicals. 910.281.0222

Digital Signage Kiosk

We have added a new frame style to the Bruin Kiosk family of kiosks. The new style is our RA kiosk. The first iteration of the RA kiosk is a 32″ landscape orientation touchscreen. The RA kiosk has very simple lines with rounded corners and a unique “layered look” to the front. The kiosk has a removable rear access panel and can be configured with a PC or media player to drive content. Options include custom graphics and speakers. The RA kiosk joins our two other styles of digital signage/large format touchscreen kiosks. The DS and LR kiosks can be viewed on our website.

The kiosk will be rolled out into the major airports in the US during the next few months. Look for updates on this roll out in future posts.